"I learned a lot about awareness of my feelings and eating habits and how they are connected. That little everyday choices are the most important part of change. That it’s a journey and not a destination. I learned about counting macros in a simple and sustainable way. I discovered a lot about me and how my mind works and so much more."

-wished to remain anonymous (32-year old mother of 3, lost 18 pounds)

"Kristy Jo is always 100% on point with a quick response, providing quality feedback, great motivation, and amazing support!! I have learned so much more about my body, how to provide it with the proper fuel it needs and how to make little changes each day not expect perfection immediately. Each day I focus on improving just a little bit more than I did the day before and to never think I can't get back up when I have a bad moment or a bad day. Just restart and do it again!!​"

-Tess V. (33-year old mother of 3, lost 7 pounds)

"The change in mindset and believing I am worth it. I also loved learning to set achievable goals and just taking it "one meal, one workout, one day at a time". I'm a work in progress, but I feel if I apply what I was taught I will reach my goals.​"

-Diana R. (35-year old mother of 3, lost 5 pounds)

"Kristy you are amazing! I feel like you listened to me and understood what I was looking for. Your positivity and happiness is infectious and sincere, and it shows in the way you communicate and deliver your instruction and support. You're a smart woman with so much to share! I'm glad I've been lucky to have your guidance."​

-Kirsten B. (48-year old working professional, lost 5 pounds)

"I have realized what mindset means and HOW to apply it, even if I don't always. Being MINDFUL of decisions helps me understand why I'm making the choices I am, good or bad."​

-Tara A. (31-year old mother of 3, lost 5 pounds)

"Besides the fact that I lost nearly 25 lbs, I am now able to better control my binging episodes as well as my day to day food intake. I'm more conscious of the foods I put in my body and more educated on how it will effect my body. I drink more water, I am more active and I feel better all around. Though I still have long way to go before I can master myself, I have made so much progress and the results have changed my life."​

-Rylea S. (24-year old working professional, lost 24 pounds)

"I have grown so much through this experience. I thought that I would have to starve myself or force myself to eat things I didn't like to get the results I wanted. I have learned a lot about myself and my abilities that I never knew I had before!"​

-Abby D. (23-year old working professional, lost 10 pounds)

"When I started out, I didn’t believe in myself. I was told that I’m over 40 years old, my metabolism is slow, and I should accept where I’m at. With my BMI telling me I was overweight, deep down I couldn’t accept that. As I put in the work, the results happened! That has been the difference this time is with Kristy Jo’s encouragement, I kept going and trusted that things would start happening. I have a much better foundation, a great love for myself and my body and an appreciation for all the things that I can do. When I was asked if I was getting all I hoped for out of the coaching, I realized that I got more than I expected. Kristy Jo is so positive and has such incredible belief in your ability to make change, that I started to believe her too. I look forward to each and every conversation; it was a little jolt of sunshine into my day. I would highly recommend anyone looking into this to be coached by Kristy. You are worth it!​"

-Brittney B. (42-year old mother of 6, lost 15 pounds)

"I’ve been able to go over what I feel is holding me back from reaching my goals. I also feel like I am much better equipped to make the change to a healthier life."

-Esther T. (29-year old working professional, lost 3 pounds)

"I believe the single biggest contributor to lasting weight loss is mindset. I was in a place where I was ready to change the way I looked at food and Kristy Jo just fit what I was looking for. I would say she was the right person at the right time to help jump-start my journey."​

-Cathi A. (42-year old mother of 3, lost 5 pounds)

"The PFL is an excellent methodology. I love the different mediums with email, text, podcasts, Skype check ins, Kristy's responsiveness, and more. I am a Type 1 diabetic and sought out the program to lower my A1C. I am feeling better than I have in years and have finally figured out how to stabilize my blood sugars. I highly recommend BodyBuds. Kristy's positive energy is contagious and motivating. I always feel like a better person when I interact with Kristy! Well done and well balanced program."​

-Christine C. (52-year old working professional, lost 3 pounds)

"I have learned that it is about my mind first and foremost. I prioritized my body and the way it looked- my mental state is SO much more important and I discovered how to take care of my mind through this coaching program. I have developed a different relationship- I finally see it as FUEL- it's not happiness, it's not sadness, it's not celebration, it's simply fuel. Though I still have a journey ahead of me, I have anchored in the knowledge and skills to progress and succeed. I have gained great insight into the physiology of the body and the way it responds to food... knowing what I am doing to my body motivates me to treat is as best I can! I look at my lifestyle, my training, my nutrition completely different now- before, my life and my health were two different components. Now they are one and the same."​

-Taylor Ann M. (23-year old working professional, lost 4 pounds)

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