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Trying to lose weight, eat healthier, and make peace with your body can be very difficult! From the overwhelm of so much information out there and not knowing what to do, to the practicality of implementing it all (on limited energy bandwidths due to how BUSY we are!), the struggle is real!

The Power Foods Lifestyle is not a diet, per sé, but a system of principles that will help women more easily lose weight. The PFL is not something you will learn quickly, but over time as your education accumulates, you will feel that you have broken free of traditional beliefs about food, dieting, body image, and 'healthy food' in general.

Calorie counting, macro tracking, and diet styles can be very confusing, but the PFL explains this science in simple terms. When a woman learns the principles of the PFL and continues working to implement them into her life, she will not only lose weight, but learn the skills and habits necessary to keep it off.

The Power Foods Lifestyle has four tiers of intensity, so there is no all-or-nothing approach (see free training videos below). The PFL can be lived on a basic approach for more healthy awareness, or an intense approach for extreme body composition changes.

PFL strategies help women improve their mental health around food. When healthy psychological processes are paired with realistic, balanced nutrition approaches, women can feel more empowered in their choices,

and disciplining themselves with love and grace.

PFL Balanced

This style of the PFL features balanced Proteins, Carbs, and Fats. Calories may be in a deficit for fat loss, or at maintenance for a sustainable lifestyle change.

PFL Low Carb

This style of the PFL features moderately high Protein, low Carb (36-99 grams per day), and higher Fats. Calories may be in a deficit or at maintenance.

PFL Keto

This style of the PFL features moderate Protein, very low Carbs (<35 net carbs), and higher Fats. Calories may be in a deficit or at maintenance.

PFL Carb Cycle

This style of the PFL features high Protein, with cycling days of 2:1, 3:1, or 4:1 where Carbs are low (36-99 grams per day) and high  Fats with a 1 day reverse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Power Foods Lifestyle gluten-free and/or dairy-free?

The PFL is a methodology of how we approach nutrition, so you can do the PFL with or without dairy and gluten! Once you have the Power Foods List (it's in my freebie here on the website or at the back of the book), simply cross those foods off the list that contain gluten or dairy, or both--whichever you are trying to or need to avoid.

Is the PFL a low-sodium diet?

Yes, it is. When choosing 80%+ of your food choices from the Power Foods list, you will be naturally lowering your sodium intake. In fact, I encourage most people to add sea salt to each meal and drink plenty of water or their blood pressure may drop TOO low (always check with your doctor). Olives, one of the Power Fats recommendations, is the only food you may need to choose other options for when following the PFL on a low-sodium diet.

Does the Book have Meal Plans?

Yes! There are three sample meal plans included on pages 99-100. For additional meal plans, you can take the Strategic Weight Loss for Women online course or sign up for coaching to get customized plans for your body's exact needs, as well as your lifestyle with meal timing, health conditions, food preferences, and goals.

When I reach my goal weight with the PFL, how do I maintain it?

The Power Foods Lifestyle is so fluid that it will help you achieve any goal you'd like with a few little tweaks. Once my clients reach their goal weight, they have some pretty solidified habits going on that they naturally continue in food pairing, meal timing, food prepping, and so forth. I always recommend they keep their choice of Power Foods at least 70% of the time, and lighten up on exact measuring. Calories resume maintenance level rather than creating a caloric deficit. The PFL is definitely sustainable when you read the book, listen to the podcast, and do the course. You will understand all the ins and outs of making the PFL your lifestyle and reaping the benefits of a healthy, trim body that manages health conditions (or prevents them!) like a boss!

Is the PFL something my whole family can do?

Absolutely! The PFL has principles that are healthy for every member of the family. For children under the age of 16 who do not need to lose weight, I discourage teaching or holding them to principles of anything except making sure they understand macro food groups and encouraging their plate to have a P, V, C, and F. The PFL numbers are specifically designed for females, so males can follow this too but will need to increase the portions slightly (sometimes my clients will have their husband do a one-time call with me they learn how to adjust for them).

Do you have to start aggressively in Tier 3 when beginning?

NO. For a true lifestyle change, it's usually best to build in slowly from 1, to 2, then .3 While weight loss may be slower than you expect, this approach holds much longer sustainability benefits.

Remind me what Tier 4 is?

Tier 4 contains those principles that can 'trickle-down' to be applied at any level of intensity you live the PFL. Someone else may be living Tier 1, but eating dairy-free. Someone may be living Tier 2, and focusing on no food dyes and cage-free eggs. Another person may be living at Tier 3 and not interested in any Tier 4 principles. It simply allows us to define what we are doing in nutrition choices that *do not* usually coincide with body composition changes which requires a conversation around total daily macros and calories.

The PFL completes the puzzle pieces of nutrition and weight loss you have been trying to fit together for years.

The PFL can be as simple, or as complex and nuanced, as you wish it to be.

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