The Power Foods Lifestyle

The Power Foods Lifestyle is not a diet, but a system of principles that will help women more easily lose weight.

Calorie counting, macro tracking, and diet styles can be very confusing, but the PFL explains this science in simple terms. When a woman learns the principles of the PFL and continues working to implement them into her life, she will not only lose weight, but learn the skills and habits necessary to keep it off.

The Power Foods Lifestyle has four tiers of intensity, so there is no all-or-nothing approach. The PFL can be lived on a basic approach for more healthy awareness, or an intense approach for extreme body composition changes.

PFL strategies help women improve their mental health around food. When healthy psychological processes are paired with realistic, balanced nutrition approaches, women can feel more empowered in their choices,

and disciplining themselves with love and grace.




The PFL completes the puzzle pieces of nutrition and weight loss you have been trying to fit together for years.

The PFL can be as simple, or as complex and nuanced, as you wish it to be.

You do not need to go through the coaching process to experience the life-changing transformation that awaits you. Commit to consistent learning using the Power Foods Lifestyle Podcast, book, and Instagram account and you will have all you need to FINALLY feel peace with how to approach nutrition.

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