You can do this, beautiful.

Hi there! I'm Kristy Jo.


I created the Power Foods Lifestyle. At the age of 25 in 2012, I hit a very dark time in my life. I had experienced disordered eating and exercising for the greater part of 15 years, and I hit a breaking point. Thankfully, I chose to push onward to re-create myself, ironically fueled by my brother's taking his life only a month into my new journey. I persevered knowing he was cheering me on.

My own personal journey included competing in natural women's Figure competitions between 2013-2015 and coaching over 50 others to the stage (including 2 pro card wins!), before the evolution outgrew just focused aesthetics changes. Resultantly, the PFL expanded with me.


As of 2020, the PFL incorporates principles not only for shifting body composition and creating a transformation for those who desire it, but also recovering from binge eating, reducing high cholesterol, reversing Type 2 Diabetes, managing chronic pain and autoimmune conditions, managing Hypothyroidism symptoms, and so much more. My clientele (over 5,000 women to date!) have been ferociously brave and, together, the PFL has become what it is. I owe so much of who I am today to all of the incredible people who have trusted me with their own nutrition, fitness, and mindset journeys. That vulnerability, together, is what allows us to push forward on our health quests.

I am a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS), Weight Loss Specialist (WLS), and Personal Trainer (CPT). As a result of my unique approach with clients, I call myself a Mind and Body Strategist.

While I am not a Registered Dietitian and do not promote myself as such, the Power Foods Lifestyle methodology has been reviewed (and practiced!) by numerous dietitans and doctors. The principles are sound, my approach unique, and I hope that my own personal methods of 'healing' my mind and body can help you too.

Ready to feel confident in body AND mind?

Reclaim your joy with healthy weight loss and maintenance for a true lifestyle change.

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